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This is a quick gif, recorded from my phone on how the app now work.

Latest big changes (ofcourse way more fixes):
- Set session information (name/description/rub/marinade/recipe/meat type/rating and rating comment)
- Also the option to edit this information later.. if you just like to add the rub details on another day.
- Enable and disable the alarm on the channel of your wlanthermo device
- Added notifications for active sessions... so as soon as one of your channel exceed the min or max values during a session, you get an alarm notification with or without sound, thats also a setting)
- Comletely restructed the session data, so its way quicker to retrieve large sessions with a lot of images

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Im pretty far.. but i have no timeline yet.. maybe a month...

Im still thinking on a way to publish this in the market.. and maybe also integrate other brands then WLANThermo device (inkbird, or..)


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Ok, that will be nice.
I think there are already some people who are willing to pay for the APP in the store.
Sure, that's not the crowd here, but if you extend the app to other systems, it might be worth it for you.

Go ahead, your app looks absolutely fantastic. I can hardly wait for the IOS version.


My last change is to also integration iBBQ bluetooth devices directly to the app (to give me a bigger user base)


Only a single connection can be made... WLANThermo or iBBQ (Inkbird/etc)

Next to that, the session list now cleanly lazy load in batches of 10.. so that makes using the app way quicker


Thats indeed the case.. so i dont bothered making multiple connections at the same time.. so now its:
-> WLANThermo
-> iBBQ Bluetooth

btw, does the Link device have the same api as the Nano?


All models with ESP32 have the same API, but only those parameters are used that are also available on the this hardware.
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